Our History

Make no mistake about it; we think hats are amazing. Not only because of their functionality and how they protect against the elements but also for their style. A hat is a perfect way to put the finishing touch on a carefully curated outfit while expressing your personal aesthetic. 

For over 40 years, The Hat Project has been proudly located in the Queen Victoria Market, offering a way for people to find the perfect hat for their look. Led by market trader Jenny Pyke, the company began in the time of perms and mullets and has existed long enough to see these hairstyles go out and come back into fashion. Of course, we should also mention how helpful a hat can be when you need to hide an unfortunate haircut...

The Hat Project is a small business that has grown in unimaginable ways, with customers coming from around the world to visit the stall and Victoria Street boutique searching for their perfect headwear companion.

At The Hat Project, we believe there is a hat for every person to complement every look, every day of the year. 

In our many years of operation, we’ve seen heads of every shape and size; and our expert team has been able to find the perfect hat every time. So if you’ve got a head, we’ve got THE hat. 

The Hat Project stocks a diverse collection, including fedoras, panamas, flat caps, trilbys and more. We also feature a range of companion pieces such as scarves and gloves for men, women and little humans. In addition, we are proud stockists of Melbourne-based brand Henderson Hats; a sophisticated headwear collection geared towards the modern man and woman and a range of quality local and international brands. 

The Hat Project is what your noggin’ needs to keep the sun off in summer and freeze off in winter. More importantly, however, we make sure that everyone around you knows your head is where it's at!