Getting geared up for spring.

There is officially one month until spring (in Melbourne) and we are so excited!
For many Spring means sun, flowers, and more time outside with friends. We at THP look forward to those things too, however some of our team have extra excitement to look forward to in the spring months – welcoming baby calves into the world. This experience is truly such a joy and one of the many benefits of living on a farm however more time outside monitoring the mother cows means a higher chance of sun damage. Our saving grace in the spring and summer season is wearing a broad brimmed hat (alongside some sunglasses and sunscreen) in order to combat harsh weather conditions.
Leather and Wool Felt Hats with a Wide Brim all provide this type of sun protection and are perfect for different types of weather conditions. For us, we know that Leather hats may make our head warmer due to the heat conduction of the material however are best to wear on dusty or harsher days as it is easier to clean in comparison to Wool Felt. Wool Felts are perfect to wear as a fashion statement or in calmer weather conditions and should be a staple in every wardrobe.
No matter whether you are a farmer, fashionista, influencer or just wanting a hat to take your kids to the park; we have the perfect hat for your head at THP!

Leather Hat -Mens -Australian Made- Barmah-Lightning Ridge

PS: If you want a leather hat that is bes at combatting the heat then have a look at our Australian Made Cooler Lightening Ridge Leather Hat by Barmah