Reflecting on our time at the Night Market

Winter brings many things; sleep-ins, hot drinks, the flu and (of course) the Queen Vic Night market. With the market closing this Wednesday we thought we would write a little bit about our favourite moments at the QVM.
Our favourite things:

  • Meeting and seeing all of you! As cheesy and corny as it sounds our favourite thing was to meet and chat to our customers and followers. If you haven’t already, our latest reel on Instagram (posted 27/8) shows how busy the shop got on some of those nights however if you look into the background you will see the time we spend with each customer in order to build genuine connections and make you find your best hat! In doing so we have been able to find joy in meeting people, hearing stories and being able to go to bed knowing we helped people!
  • The smells of the food. A THP we strongly believe in ‘work hard, play hard’ and we play hard with food. We are self-proclaimed foodies and all the smells and tastes (of things such as pizza, noodles, pasta, and sweets) are one of our favourite things and give us something extra to look forward to on Wednesdays after 5.
  • The firepits. We bet that you didn’t expect this to be in our top 3 things we love about the QVM night market…. But who doesn’t like the smell of an open fire? When we walk in and out of the market, smell the fire, feel the warmth, and see the community around it; we can't help but smile. 

Come down this Wedesday from 5pm to see what we mean before it shuts for the year! 

Love THP!