The benefit of having a great team - through sickness or through health.

Winter in Melbourne is quite often dismal, chilly and one way to ensure that you will be getting a cold. Whilst it is good if you are someone who loves being in bed with a movie on and a hot drink; these stop and start conditions are something that really put the brakes on a small business – trust us, we know!
Through these times we find the benefits of having a team that is more than just a group of co-workers – we fostered a community, and these are some reasons why:

  1. High levels of understanding
    We’ve all had to call in sick to a manager who gives you the second degree, or blatantly says that they do not believe you. The anxiety around these types of calls will leave many of us to actually not call in sick at all (and usually spread the flu around to your co-workers … whoops). Nowadays we are playing with a different flu season and calling in sick is more-or-less essential to keep business’ going. Our team are SO understanding whether it be a small tickle- needing some time off or going on a family vacation – the answer is always yes, followed by ‘is there anything we can do to help’. This promotes a healthy and supportive workplace and one where we come to work happy.
  1. We CHOSE to run the extra mile
    Due to the supportive community we created, we chose to run the extra mile. This is such a necessity in these times however we know we are lucky to have a team that WANT to help out and thus put in 2000% effort. We can cover each other’s shifts and roles and are always checking in on each other to ensure we can perform our best.

Many say they work in a ‘team’ however still work as independent units, or in hostile environments. We have the JOY of coming to work for THP, wearing the best beanie’s, fedoras, and flat caps, and finishing the day with a smile on our face.
That’s the benefit of having a great team- in sickness or in health.