Mens Felt Hats

View the full selection of men's felt hats below for a comfortable hat that can be dressed up or down. Available in a range of styles, felt hats are the logical choice for cold weather but are a long-term investment that can suit a range of seasons. 

Scraps of felt have been around since the Neolithic era, making it the oldest form of cloth. Made out of fur or wool, the process of felting to create hats has evolved to a high art.

Your purpose for the felt hat will help determine the type of felt and style. A durable and serviceable material type, our selection of men's felt hats below includes something for everyone.  When choosing, we recommend you pay particular attention to the size and shapes of the brim. The proportion between the vertical crown and horizontal brim will determine your hat's visual balance and impact. Our team is always here to help if you have any questions!