Women's Fedoras

Do not make the mistake of thinking of the fedora as a menswear staple; fedoras for women are just as popular and were originally a symbol for the beginning of the women’s rights movement. The female fedora has well and truly secured its place as an important fashion accessory, and we have one of the finest ranges in Melbourne below.

These soft brimmed hats have indented crowns that are easy to style. You don’t need to worry about an overly heavy floppy brim, and you'll be adding an all-seasons hat to your collection, which makes for a great style investment. They provide extra coverage from the sun and look particularly great for those with a short pixie cut or a head full of curls.

To find the right fedora for you, measure approximately 3/4 of an inch above your ears so your fedora won't sit too low. View our full fedora range below today.