Enviromentally friendly bug and odor repellents

Welcome back to our blog, this week due to popular demand will be looking into and discussing environmentally friendly alternatives to mothballs. Mothballs are often made from chemicals such as naphthalene or para-dichlorobenzene which unleash toxins into the air that kill bugs and other critters.

But don’t stress, there are many other alternatives to mothballs that are eco friendly and do not include any harmful toxins.
So, without further ado, here are our top tips on what to use as a replacement moth balls.

  1. Lavender - whether it be dried in a satchel or lavender in soap form, lavender is a perfect replacement for mothballs as it smells pleasant and has bug repellent qualities when used for storage purposes.
  2. Mint – the smell of mint is actually repulsive to various creatures such as bugs and rodents. Dry some mint (or buy if you are a bit low on time), place it in a satchel and leave it with your delicate goods.
  3. Orange Peels - yep you read that right, the peels of an orange when dried can deter unwanted visitors from your clothes.
  4. Essential Oils - you can also use essential oils in replacement of moth balls. Just dab some essential oil on a cotton ball and you are all good to go. We would like to warn you all those essential oils will transfer and possibly stain your hats if they do come into contact with it – so if you are going to use essential oils make sure you leave some distance from your clothes and hats etc.

Tip: because the smell of lavender, mint and orange peels fade fairly quickly make sure to replace them when it loses its smell in order for the repellent qualities to stay the same.

Hope that helps you when you are deciding what to use in your wardrobe or storage boxes. 

Stay tuned for our blog next week. 

Love, THP