Our Promise To You

At THP we believe that our customers are our family – not as a cold business statement that we feel like we *have* to say, but this view is a fundamental cornerstone of our business model.
Our favourite thing to do down at the QVM is build relationships with our customers. Whether you are a local who comes down a couple of times a week to buy your groceries, someone who lives hours away looking for a great place to buy their hats for the year or even if you are someone on holiday looking to go into ‘tourist mode’ in Melbourne – we will make time for you!

For us, family are people who care and make time for each other. That’s what we do, we are a real people first business who loves to have a chat and a coffee with the people who walk by..
We are probably like this because we have been a small business for over 40 years, we know what we are doing with our business and can now focus on our relationships with our customers – or many, just maybe, we are a social bunch and love a chat whenever we get the chance.

Excuse our rambling (we love to talk remember), the point of this blog was just to say that we vow to not change our roots and we will always provide excellent customer service and make time for you!