We’re Welcoming December With Open Arms

As December is on our doorstep we just wanted to say WELCOME.
As most of you know in Melbourne the weather has been nothing like the normal summer that we experience and for those who don’t; typically, Melbourne weather starts to get warmer, the ground starts to get dryer and humidity is not something we typically face constantly – our November has been the opposite of our normal.

This goes the same Australia wide, there have been wide turbulent events that have shaped the nations landscape for the worse- and we know global events have had the same impact on the land and the people.
We welcome December with open arms at The Hat Project because we hope that December bring more stable weather to people all across the globe. December is the festive season and we truly wish that this time period can be one of joy and happiness rather than disaster.

If you or your community have been impacted by a weather disaster then send our team a message and we will see if we can be of assistance or put you in touch of someone who can x