What's been selling well in summer

Believe it or not, Hat sales are quite popular in summer … *Seinfeld drum noises*

Forgetting that lame excuse for a joke in the top line, summer is truly the perfect time to buy and use many of our hats so we thought we would give you the run down on our best sellers this summer season.

  1. Cowboy hats

This hat has constantly been selling out of stock since it’s release into our store last year. This attractive design can be dressed up or down but is perfect for those who love the outdoors as you can see on our lovely model.


  1. Bucket hats

Whether you are a festival goer, not really a ‘big hat person’ or just someone who likes the fashion (you know who you are!) – bucket hat’s are now all the rage and have been for several summers.

  1. Wide brimmed sun hats

These women’s sun hats are perfect for days out! Whether the person wearing them is an avid beach goer, likes going on walks or just wants to protect their eyes a little more in the sun – these are the perfect style.


If you’re still not sure what hat to buy then don’t stress because you’ll look great in everything!