Going overseas? Here are some tips on how to store your hats in your luggage!

When packing hats in your luggage for overseas travel, it's essential to take proper care to maintain their shape and avoid any damage. Here are some tips for storing hats in your luggage:

  1. Choose the Right Hat: Consider packing hats that are more flexible and less prone to damage, such as soft fabric hats or crushable hats made from materials like straw or wool felt.

  2. Stuff the Hat: To maintain the shape of your hat during transit, stuff the crown of the hat with soft items, such as socks, underwear, or t-shirts. Make sure not to overstuff it, as this can distort the shape.

  3. Secure with Elastic Bands: Use elastic bands to secure the brim of the hat to prevent it from flattening or losing its shape. Place the bands around the hat vertically and horizontally, crisscrossing them to hold the brim in position.

  4. Pack in a Hat Box or Durable Container: If possible, pack your hats in a hat box or a sturdy container designed specifically for hat storage. This provides extra protection and helps maintain the shape of the hat. If a hat box is not available, consider using a hard-shell suitcase or a large plastic container.

  5. Place Hats on Top or in the Center: When packing your luggage, place the hats on top or in the center of your suitcase. Avoid placing heavy items on top of them to prevent crushing or damaging the hats.

  6. Fill Empty Spaces: Utilize empty spaces in your suitcase by filling them with soft clothing items or accessories to provide cushioning and support for the hats.

  7. Use Protective Coverings: Consider using a hat cover or a plastic bag to protect the hats from dust, moisture, and potential spills during travel.

  8. Handle with Care: Remember to handle your luggage with care, especially if it contains delicate items like hats. Avoid tossing or placing heavy objects on top of your suitcase.

By following these guidelines, you can pack and store your hats in your luggage for overseas travel, ensuring they arrive in good condition and ready to be worn during your trip.