How To Find The Perfect Hat

Well, we’ve been in the hat business for over 40 years now (if you haven’t heard) and this is one of the most popular questions we get ask.
“Guys, how do I know what hat is the best fit for my head???”
Our response normally goes along the lines of “Well, try a couple on and see what you feel most confident in” however, around half of you now prefer shopping online and don’t have the luxury of try before you buy so let’s explore some options based on your head shape.
  1. Long / Square – If you have a long rectangular face then your best style of hats will be those with a wide brim such as fedoras, sunhats or even our leather hat range. Beanies, Cloches, and bucket hats may not be your best fit due to them making your face look longer.
  2. Round – the opposite applies to people with round heads, you will want to look out for beanies, cloches, or even flat caps to help your face look longer and less round
  3. Heart / Diamond – Due to the sharp jawline with these type of face shapes many go for simplistic hats (so their jaw can stay the feature) Porkpie, Flat caps and fedoras are all commonly worn by people with this face shape and beanies are *Usually* not worn for fashion as it can make their faces appear longer – and take away from the jawline.
Of course, these are just common trends that we have seen in store and are not a definitive answer. Afterall, there is no such thing as a *perfect* hat until you find your confidence in it!
If you have any questions or want to know a bit more then send our lovely team a message!
Until next week,