How to safelt remove wool balls "pills" from your older hats!

We at The Hat Project are hat lovers and hate to see any good hat get thrown out because of issues like this so here are a few of our tips below to try and get your hats back to an almost new condition! 

  1. Inspect the hat: Examine the hat closely to identify the areas with wool balls or pills. Make sure to do this in good lighting.

  2. Brush the hat: Before using the lint shaver, gently brush the hat's surface with a soft brush to remove any loose pills and surface debris. This helps prepare the hat for more effective pill removal.

  3. Use the lint shaver: Turn on the lint shaver and run it over the areas with wool balls or pills. Be gentle and use a light touch to avoid damaging the felt fabric. Move the shaver in a circular or back-and-forth motion. 

After that you will need to use a soft brush to give it a clean and reshape if nessesary!