Why beanies are important

As winter continues to roll in and the weather gets colder we thought we would dedicate this weeks blog to why wearing a hat (whether that be trilby, beanie or fedora) in winter can be beneficial.

It is important for humans, like any mammal, to stay warm in order to function. While our hands and feet may get cold from time to time it is essential that we keep our essential organs warm and safe (heart, liver, kidneys and you guessed it … your brain)
The head (the master behind it all), is incredibly important to protect in the cooler months because our heads loose majority of our body heat and is not great at adjusting the blood flow to keep itself warm (especially in children).

So lets talk about what to wear in order to protect your head in winter!

  1. The obvious -lets talk beanies

We stock a wide range of beanies at THP but lets take a bit more of a deep dive into why they are great for winter. Wool is the perfect material for the winter months because it is a porus material that breathes and traps air. This function of ‘trapping air’ is significantly important because it means that the heated air that escapes our body does not leave the protection of the beanie – giving us an added level of protection from harsh conditions.

 We have a few options at THP that are suitable such as our slouch and ponytail beanies alongside our new wool clouches (see below photo). 

Women's Soft  Wool Cloche Hat in Fuschia HW-02F

  1. Add a scarf for added warmth

A scarf will still act as a useful insulator for your body against icy winter conditions. Normally situated above the shoulders, the scarf can work alongside a beanie or by itself as a preventative measure to help maintain your overall body heat. 

Men's Grey Checkered Scarf - The Hat Project

  1. Anything is better than nothing….

The key takeaway with this blog is that anything you wear to protect yourself from the cold is better than nothing. Staying warm in winter can help you from getting sick, shivering and becoming irritable (because we know there's nothing worse than being cold). 

Stay tuned for next weeks blog 

Love THP