Refresher on our Returns Policy

It’s the end of January, the kids are about to be back at school, many of us are back at work and the weather is still gorgeous – at least here in Melbourne!
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As the year is resuming and more of us are feeling back on track with the ‘weekly grind’ we thought we would give you a short and sweet refresher of our returns policy so that you don’t have to read our big policy page .. but if you want to we won’t stop you and we will outline it here!

In essence, at The Hat Project we pride ourselves on positive customer service but that can only be done in conjunction with the great people we sell our products to.

Note: *If a product arrives at your doorstep with a fault whether it be courier or by us then let us know because it follows a different procedure*

If you change your mind on a product of ours or you order the wrong size then a refund or replacement can occur providing that 1. The hat is in it’s original condition, 2. It’s within 30 days of purchase and 3. You pay for the return to the shop front or return it to your shop on foot directly.

If all those conditions are met then your refund will go through smoothly.
If there are any issues or concerns then please contact us, If you want to have a look at our returns policy in full then click here!