The up’s and downs of running an online store.

As you all now we have been running our business for well over 40 years now and with that comes heaps of customer service experience, tricks of the trade and many styles that have come and gone. We like to think that we are the Melbourne hat experts at THP, but the online scape is a different universe all together.
We were once ‘newbies’ in this new digital world. We had no idea how to get on google, start up social media or heaven forbid make a TikTok!!!

But now our training wheels are off, and we are feeling ever more confident in this online world, and we thought we would highlight the ups and downs of our journey thus far – so that if you’re in the same boat that we were, just know that you’re not alone!


  • Making new connections – we have been able to create communities of like-minded people through our socials who love hats just as much as we do!
  • Selling to more people – formally all our sales came out of our QVM shop – now we ship to all types of places!
  • Can run more online promotions – with black Friday and Christmas coming up, we will be able to utilise our online platforms to give great deals to you


  • So many new things – online what??? That was us for the most part – it was a lot to learn, and it is a continuous process.
  • Computer says no – the common saying from ‘little Britain’ took new meaning for our small business as sometimes the computer, google analytics or even our social medias would just not work, due to no fault of our own and this was very frustrating.

Overall, our experience with becoming digital has been an immensely positive experience and we are incredibly happy to be part of this new world.
Most of all we appreciate your patience through this process, and we love our community we have fostered.

Goodluck and until next week,