What we’ve learnt about Black Friday Sales

At THP this is officially our 2nd celebration of the Black Friday sales, and we cannot be more excited to spend it with you. To say the least, last year we had our training wheels on, feeling our way around the digital space where this year we are more confident with the online world and all it has to offer.

Black Friday has taken over the festive season and you will see many retailers like us running this sale period for more than just the day (you heard it here first) and we recently learnt why:
Well, firstly it reaches more of our customers so that you all can reap the rewards of a good sale season – one that comes before Christmas and will be delivered (in most areas) before you have to hand over presents to your loved ones.
Secondly, it reduces the strain on our website server and our staff. Formerly on these one-day sales our staff may have left needing a 13-hour sleep and a big dinner but now that the sale season is spread out we reduce the pain they/we/it feels on this one day and the business can run more smoothly.
Finally, Black Friday helps us see what will be in high demand for the season ahead ad helps us learn what to order more of.

In this time of high demand, we ask that you be patient with your orders and the website (it can get slow when multiple people are on there).
Make sure you stay tuned on our socials and emails to see when the sale starts (and what great deals you can get)

Until next time,


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