All About Buckets

Bucket hats are here!!!

You spoke and we listened, we are now unveiling our bucket hats online Australia wide!! They come in a variety of colours, materials, and designs so we know that we have the perfect bucket hats for you!!

Below is why we love bucket hats and why we think you should too!

  1. Festival chic.

See below for our favourite examples of bucket hats when worn at a festival. They have been a staple for many years and will be for years to come.

Find Out Where To Get The Hat | Festival outfits rave, Creamfields outfits, Festival  outfit inspiration

  1. Easy to carry places

Obviously if you’re out and about you don’t always want to be carrying a big hat with you. Bucket hats can fold down and fit in a pocket if you fold them a couple of times.(we obviously don’t advice it for the integrity of the hat – but they can do it). This means that you can whip out your bucket hat wherever you go and have it on you for easy access.

Corduroy Bucket Hat

  1. Light and breathable

Perfect if you are going to be out in the sun, these hats feel like you are wearing a feather and won’t leave you feeling like your hat is overheating you (we all hate that feeling)

  1. More protection than no hat

Even though we know that everyone *should* wear full sun protection in ever circumstance. That is not always attainable. These bucket hats are half a step in the right protection, by providing *some* sunshade. As always, look at the cancer councils website for more information on sun smart hats and accessories.


We will have more hats coming out over the weekend so stay tuned for more info xx