Bring on the Australian Open!!

There’s mosquitoes in the air, the sun doesn’t set until after 9pm and the nights are hot and sweaty … these are my indicators that it’s time for the Australian Open – and they might be yours too.

Everyone cherishes the memories they made with their loved ones growing up watching the Australian open on a hot night with their eyes glued to the game. Each point becomes a nail biter and the comradery between these players are unmatched.

This blog is all about noting the players and things to do on the day with our next blog out will be all about what we can provide you to ensure it is an AO to remember!

The AO is located in the stadiums and courts in and around Birrarung Marr. This central park space along the river is commonly used for events and the AO season is no different. There is a pop-up Canadian Club Racquet Club, live music, and food from beatbox burgers and taco trucks. SO not only do you get good food and vibes, but there is also free entry and a space to watch the tennis without having to pay for a seat!

There are 28 Aussies playing in the Australian open this year so make sure you watch the grand slam from the 16th to the 29th of Jan ad show your support for the support and the country!

Australian Open won't happen under current restrictions,' warns Craig Tiley  - Tennishead